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- About Me -

The story that brought me here..


I never imagined I could run my own business and be my own boss one day, so even having this website right now is surreal to me. I always thought I had to graduate college, get a good, stable 9-5, and work for someone else for the rest of my life. FALSE!


I could never figure out the answer to the question we're asked from grades k-12- "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well all of a sudden I'm a "grown-up" and the answer never came. Until one night, in the middle of a complete breakdown after weeks of spending hours on my laptop applying to jobs I didn't feel qualified for, or even happy about. I must have sent out hundreds of applications and received only 2 interviews. I didn't know what was worse, the fact that I didn't actually want those jobs or that they didn't want me.


My boyfriend then asked the hysterical, self deprecating me, "What do you WANT to do?" And my response was that I just want to paint and bake all day long. I said it in a sarcastic way, as if it weren't possible. But then he came back with, "so do it."


It dawned on me then. Why can't I? the answer was simple, I can! The process however, was not as simple. We're conditioned most of our lives to do what we're told, and how to work for other people, not how to create and run our own businesses. But I felt so determined to make this work, nothing could stop me. Not even the fear of losing "stability and benefits." And now here I am, making my dreams come true and doing what I am most passionate about. I finally have the answer to that forever asked question: I am an Artist, a Baker, a Photographer, and a BOSS!

My Passions..

Art is something I've picked up and put down over the years. My biggest struggle was that I loved it so much but never liked anything I created. I always thought I wasn't born with an "artist gene" so I couldn't be an artist. The biggest regret I have now is all the years I missed out on honing my skill because of self doubt and fear. With the help of my fellow artist boyfriend, I picked painting back up a few years ago and haven't put it down since.

Now, I paint almost everyday and I finally have works that I'm proud to show off! I practice and experiment with different styles regularly, teach paint and sip classes to adults, and teach at paint parties and daycares for children. Art is one of the biggest parts of my life and it brings me such joy to be able to show and sell some of those pieces to you!

My love of food began back when I wasn't even old enough to look over the counter without a stool. Every Sunday morning my dad would make the family a big breakfast and I would stand in the kitchen to watch him and help. I just loved the way food brought people together and created smiles and laughter around the kitchen table as we devoured delicious food. It turned into a love language for me.

Baking came shortly after. My mom wasn't the type to go out and buy us birthday cakes, she made them. And let me tell you, no store near by could even compare! Growing up, any dessert my mom or grandmothers made blew all store bought desserts out of the park. So I learned from some of the best, but I'm biased. I've experimented with my baking over the years and ended up gravitating towards cupcakes. They're so versatile, great for parties, and fun to experiment with. But the best part is the smiles they put on peoples faces when they get one! 

My favorite part about taking pictures is the ability to capture some of life's most precious moments, so that they can last a lifetime. My favorites are candids! Especially laughing ones. I love catching people off guard and natural.

Most of my life I would sneak pictures of my friends and family when they'd least expect it. And in those brief unassuming moments, their genuine selves will forever shine bright in a picture.  Candids make some of the most alluring and organic photos.
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